Adult Entertainment on Ferry Sematur

As you steady your sea legs, you can relax in the splendid surrounding of our ferry’s casino. Yes, immersive yourself in the pleasures of gambling with the best selection of poker tables and roulette tables, even blackjack tables. There’s a lot of table action on this ferry, not to mention slots!


If you need a break from the kids or respective partners, then enjoy some mild adult entertainment within the casino section of our vessel. Free drinks are provided to loosen your inhibitions and enjoy your time across the tables, where you can win a pretty fortune should luck favour you.

The Games

We look to make your time on the ferry that bit more entertaining because let’s face it, it can be very boring especially when surrounded by nothing but water. Inside the casino aptly named The Sematur Casino, you have over 10 slot machines, 5 poker tables, 5 blackjack tables, 5 roulette tables and a cornered off pen for illegal cockfighting. Just kidding, that’s on the back deck of the Sematur.

During your time within the casino, you are supplies free drinks and we also are able to serve you food from the ferry’s restaurant, the food is not complimentary, unfortunately.

Should you just wish to play for fun and not use real money, you can cash-in for ferry tokens, despite paying for these, they are of no monetary value, you can, however, use them at the gift shop section of the ferry.

How to Play


The card game of blackjack is so very simple that children could do this blindfolded, we know this because we’ve tested it. During a game of blackjack, you, the player will be dealt two cards, your task is to get a score of 21 by cunningly adding the values of the cards together. If you wish, you can pay for an additional card by telling the dealer to hit you but be careful you’re referring to the extra card. If your score is better than the dealer’s hand and on or as close to 21, then you win. Over 21 and you lose.


Roulette is so simple to play cats and dogs could do this blindfolded. You have the roulette wheel that highlights numbers 0 to 36 in random sequence, they are also colour coded. The roulette table gives you the same section of numbers and other various boxes to place your bets in. The object of the game is to guess where the ball will land once spun on the wheel. You can bet the number, colour, odds or evens. You can also place multiple bets down to cover your prediction.


This is another card game that gives you 10 different ways of beating the dealer. You are dealt 5 cards, your task is to create the strongest hand possible from these cards, you can swap certain cards by paying for additional ones. There are ten different hands that you can form from a Royal Flush to a High Card.